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Gaïsha - Oriental groove and psychedelic sounds

Their debut album was by Zephyrus Records on the 24th of March. Expect a hypnotizing trip of oriental groove and psychedelic funk. Gaïsha, the extraordinary collaboration between Belgian-Moroccan singer Aïcha Haskal and a group of outstanding musicians from the Belgian music scene, has achieved a remarkable feat by capturing first place in the prestigious World Music Charts Europe. 

Bringing oriental and psychedelic grooves with a unique Brussels twist, Gaïsha captivates audiences with their eclectic mix of musical styles. Aïcha Haskal effortlessly switches from Arabic chants to parlando and even rap, demonstrating their versatility and creativity.

What sets Gaïsha apart is the diverse background of the band members, who come from well-known Belgian acts such as Absynthe Minded, Sylvie Kreusch, Va Fan Fahre, Echoes of Zoo and De Beren Gieren. This fusion of talent and experience has resulted in a brilliant mix of styles that appeals to listeners around the world.

Reaching the top of the World Music Charts Europe is a testament not only to Gaïsha's exceptional talent, but also to the universal appeal of their music. This milestone not only highlights their success as a band, but also attests to the rich diversity and vibrancy of the Belgian music scene.

Growing up in a family where playing music was taboo for women, Aïcha was secretly part of the Brussels hip hop scene at the age of sixteen. She even participated in a contest on a Belgian television channel, equipped with a cap and standing with her back to the public. Unfortunately the gig came to her father’s ear and a few years of radio silence followed. At a later age she arrived in the masculin world of classical Arabic music. But Aïcha stood strong and due to her perseverance she is now the leading lady of Gaïsha.


Aïcha Haskal - vocals

Michael de Schryver (Va Fan Fahre, Proyecto Secreto) - synth, organ

Lieven Van Pee (Echoes of Zoo, De Beren Gieren) - bass

Renaud Ghilbert (Absynthe Minded) - violin

Eduardo Vega (Va Fan Fahre, Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra) - guitar

Falk Schrauwen (Combo Ort, Sylvie Kreuch) - percussion

Nico Leonard (Victor Rice Septet, Moon Invaders) - drums