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Parlor Snakes

Roster / Marc Smeesters

Parlor Snakes is a shape-shifting entity, whose backbone is the French American duo Eugénie Alquezar / Peter K.

After their rock’n’roll inspired debut album “Let's Get Gone’’, a self titled garage/blues infused second one, (recorded in New York by Matt Verta-Ray) and the dark psychedelic vibes of the third one “Disaster Serenades’’, Parlor Snakes is now evolving towards darker ambient sounds. 

Conceived in their Paris’ studio, “Cut Shadows” announces Eugénie and Peter’s return, as they engineered this fourth album entirely on their own, from recording to production. 

An album tinted with effervescence, in which the dreamlike atmosphere, developed and refined with rage, fills up the space like a rock guitar riff.

Their eclectic inspirations (post-punk, krautrock, dark pop, cold wave) pushed them to experiment with new sonorities and structures, without ever cutting back on melodies and lyrics, as crucial and essential as music itself. 

Live, they’re joined by Greg Demson on the drums and Mike Prenat on the bass. 

Their shows capture the essence of the songs, swaying between ethereal synths and violent explosions of saturated guitar.

To break free from the shadows of the past and move towards greater freedom, there lies the meaning of the album’s title. 

A music made to move… body in motion and mind subjugated.