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Josy & the Pony

Roster / Marc Smeesters

"Anticonformist, unclassifiable and inexplicable, this yé-yé-tinged stable really doesn't give a damn about current musical conventions".


And indeed... JOSY & (THE) PONY don't want to do anything like the others, they refuse to conform to standards of good taste and fashionable musical facilities, and they don't really want to appeal to hipsters. JOSY just wants fun and noise!


The comparisons found in the press are no less evocative: sometimes seen as a tribute to the sixties, Gainsbourg-Bardot style, sometimes seen as the continuity of a current French scene in the tradition of La Femme or Liminanas, or seen as a revival of the surf or noise scene sung in French, Josy is also likened to a sort of Chantal Goya for adults.