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Hangman's Chair

Roster / Bernard Moisse

Created in 2005 by members from Es La Guerilla, Hangman’s Chair is a french sludge doom rock combo who will first get known in 2006 with the consecutive release of a split with Eibon followed by a full length (A Lament For...) The Addicts.These two efforts lay down the grounds of a stark environment, imprinted with the themes dear to the parisien quartet through the body of their work: addictions, human misery and despair. These first releases are also the starting point for a durable relationship with french label Bones Brigade Records.In 2009, Leaving Paris, their sophomore full length, way darker, more on the rock side than their previous efforts is the indication of a turning point, Clément Han-vic (L’Esprit Du Clan) joins the original members and Cédric Touffouti (Inhatred) replaces Keo Nacphouminh as lead singer and puts the finishing touches on their identity through vocal prowesses acclaimed by the critics.

In 2012, a second split with Toulouse’s Drawers reveals « I Am The Problem », be-fore the release of HOPE//DOPE//ROPE, still on Bones Brigade Records, with a no-
ticeably more complete universe: if low tempos are still the basics for the Parisian crew, the atmospheres are more elaborate and the entire effort dwells between deep chasms and a light still very much tainted with melancholy.During all these years, from Hellfest to France, Iceland, Russia, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, etc. gigs come and go alongside major players in Doom, Rock or Metal such as Eyehategod, High On Fire, Crowbar, Corrections House, The Devil’s Blood, The Sword, Redemption 13... Hangman’s Chair are getting international.

« Smokier, more psychedelic and spellbinding than ever, this music talks to the guts» (Hardrock mag 44)The Hangman’s Chair sound is finally complete and in the end, the « pachyderm-es-que » druming, « Iommi-esque riffing » and the integrity of their approach that will draw the attention of the press (Noise Mag)Summer 2014, Hangman’s Chair released a third Split with Dutchmen Acid Deathtrip on Reflections Records before recording their fourth full length in Sainte-Marthe 

Studios : THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE POSITIVE.Release in September in France, UK, Germany & Benelux with Music Fear Satan Label.