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Surprised to see that 'No Future' is now being used to sell perfume, burgers and bikinis on Instagram, BAASTA! has announced that the revolution will not be podcasted but discovered live by people who also want to light up the fuses with arrogance and panache.  This was the case from the very first concerts in France and England, opening for The Stranglers, dEUS, The Liminanas, Bodega, Mass Hysteria... François-Xavier Notel and Yoann Dirryckx formed the duo in 2017 in Arras (France), a small town that hosts the Main Square Festival (their first proper festival, July 2018).  


"To the north" could be their motto, because it all started as if they were born on the M62 in the north of England, between stories of coal, grey skies, football, lukewarm beer and post-punk music.


The first album, 'Paanic', with its premonitory title, was released in February 2020, a month before the pandemic, and the rest is anyone's guess... At the end of 2022, the duo became a trio after the encounter of the the 3rd type in the person of George, a living ghetto blaster with an acid character and an oversized ego who is determined to make BAASTA! an essential trio on the French scene.


Together they created 'MadCalais', a unique style from the Pas De Calais region where they come from, in reference to Madchester which was born at the end of 80 in Manchester and whose influence on the group is undeniable. The single "Faites ce que je dis", taken from the band's new album "MADCALAIS" (out 28 April 2023), was produced by Pascal Gabriel, who also worked with Manchester band New Order.