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Kim Novak + The Engines of Love in concert soon for 6 dates New EP for the Anglophile Normans and debut album for engineers from Liège

Kim Novak

6 concerts one after the other for KIM NOVAK, and 5 with their friends The Engines of Love that present their awaited debut album ("Hermetic" to COD&S distribution) :March 1st : Café Rocas, Luxembourg (Kim Novak only)March 2nd : L'Escalier, Liège-LuikMarch 3rd : Magasin 4, BrusselsMarch 4th : L'Atelier Rock, Huy-HoeMarch 5th : La Chimère, Lille-RijselMarch 6th : L'Entrepôt, Arlon-Arlen