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The Loved Drones

Roster / Marc Smeesters

Belgian-English band The Loved Drones, emblematic of the Freakville label, are back with a new album that pushes the boundaries of their unique style between post-punk, psyche and kraut rock.  Recorded live the old-fashioned way in 3 days, straight to stereo reel-to-reel on a Revox B77, this captivating opus reflects the band's inimitable live energy and highlights their Can-inspired improvisation ethic (Damo Suzuki, with whom the band have played several times).


After spending three years creating their previous album due to the restrictions of the Covid pandemic and other factors, The Loved Drones took on a bold challenge. In just 3 days in the studio, they gave birth to eight new original songs, developed from a simple working title: "Robot Rising in a Post-Apocalyptic World". The album was created in a spirit of total improvisation. Hard-hitting riffs, haunting melodies and profound lyrics combine to form a captivating, noisy sonic journey.