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Stump! is a young band from Brussels, born from the meeting of five musicians driven by a common passion: playing and creating music together. After digesting their diverse influences, ranging from indie and post-punk to krautrock and pop, the band finally revealed their debut EP, 'Floor 44 Country Club', in October 2023. Buoyed by the single "Hot Wheels", the EP offers a condensed blend of binary rhythms, psychedelic synthesizers, distorted guitars and hypnotic vocals.




Since 2022, Stump! have been taking to the stage, delivering powerful, spellbinding performances that reflect their music, which is infused with boundless energy. But the five members of Stump! have no intention of stopping there. They have already started preparing for what's next, with the release of 'Stealing Lash' in February 2024. This new single marks an evolution in the band's sound, revealing a more melancholy and dreamy side.