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Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation

Roster / Marc Smeesters

Biographical Sketch 2017


“Der Name ist Programm”, they say in Germany. Indeed, loaded with drums, bass, guitar, piano, organs, and a wide range of horns, the Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation (RSJF) takes the music of the sixties as a starting point. But be careful! The RSJF is NOT a retro band in any perspective. They start where others have left and persistently refined their mix of ska, jazz, reggae, soul and rock & roll over the past 16 years. In the meantime, the RSJF has recorded two EP's and three full-length studio albums. Furthermore, their music appears on various samplers throughout the world. However, the best way to experience this lubricated off-beat locomotive is live on stage...


Rockin' and Rollin' Ska-Jazz with a Rough Edge!


The RSJF hits the road pretty constantly and played on many big Dutch festivals like Bevrijdingsfestivals, Metropolis, Oerol, Noorderzon and the Parade, as well as major International festivals like Summer Jam, Oulala, Popkomm, Three Floors of Ska at the Knitting Factory NYC, and many other, festival or venue, varying from big to small, in e.g. The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, United States, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and will most likely play in your neighborhood soon!


Don't worry about a language barrier, let the music of the RSJF do the talking...


Recently, the RSJF joined forces with the horn section from the BOSCO small big band. Result: RSJF "En Grand", a paradigm shift in contemporary music. The first milestone exhibiting the extraordinary potential of this ultimately powerful combination will be the 4-track EP "Big Horns" released on WTF records. Ska-Jazz anno 2036 recorded in 2016. Beware of the big horns!