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La Muerte

Roster / Marc Smeesters

Four years after their unanimously acclaimed self-titled album, LA MUERTE continues to push their boundaries with SORTILEGIA, a brand new album released for the first time on COUNSOULING (AMENRA, WIEGEDOOD, JARBOE,...). The album will also be released simultaneously in the US by COP INTERNATIONAL who lately released the HEADHUNTER album.


SORTILEGIA is probably their heaviest and darkest work to date. Throughout their career and until today, the band doesn't resemble anything else but themselves, so it's still impossible to classify them in a specific genre. The musical color of the project has of course evolved because of the new members' background, but not in a radical way, and we find on this new record a good part of what makes its unique and unclassifiable character.

The album is again produced by LA MUERTE and Déhà (Wolvennest, Mongolito...).