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Gérard Lanvin

Roster / Marc Smeesters

In response to today's France, torn between anger and resignation, Gérard Lanvin, the big mouth of French cinema, delivers a blues-tinged rock hit.


Lanvin delivers his hard-hitting songs without concession or weakness, in a musical whirlwind. Urged and encouraged by his son, bluesman Manu Lanvin, to put his writings into song, Gérard adapted and reworked his notebooks, while Manu composed and arranged the music.


Appel à l'aide", the first single release from the album Ici Bas, is a Cajun-sounding folk ballad about domestic violence and feminicide.


"I've seen, read and heard so many horrors about women who are victims of the despicable, the inconceivable, and how can we not feel solidarity by denouncing and rejecting them? For our mothers, our sisters, our wives, let us always remain men of honour. Hatred always crosses the line. For all of you, I sing my support.


Gérard Lanvin."