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Birds In Row

Roster / Marc Smeesters

BIRDS IN ROW’s trio have been at the forefront of their genre for a decade. Their first album

– 2012’s You, Me & the Violence – rocketed them from Laval-based unknowns to the world’s

stage. Its rallying chords and venomous vocals were all classic hardcore, reinvigorated for a

new generation, yet songs like Lovers Have Their Say totally flipped the script. 13 minutes,

sinister and droning, it showed that Birds in Row will never kowtow to the rules.

If that debut sparked listeners’ imaginations, then 2018 follow-up We Already Lost the

World was an unyielding inferno of brazen ideas. Metal Hammer UK called it “intelligent,

poignant art,” writing that “this downward spiral changes pace and weight at every turn.” It

screamed for mutual respect in a world of increasingly extreme political divides, and used the

vehicles of punk, post-hardcore and post-metal to carry its cries.

After their last EU tour, supporting ALCEST in Feb/March 2020, the band entered into a long

period of composition.

They are now ready to get back on stage with a brand new live show and will travel Europe as

headliner but also supporting CULT OF LUNA for 15 shows.