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Roster / Marc Smeesters

Formed in 2016, the 5 musicians of Bigger could very well have come out of the Cavern Quarters of Liverpool. Cradled by the British Sixties Beats of their elders, they speak with as much ease in melancholy and darkness as Nick Cave or Anna Calvi. Full-bodied melodies with classic vibes, reminiscent of the Beatles, will be delightfully replaying in the minds of the listeners, defying them not to sing the lyrics hours later. Their influences, however, are not enough to drown out their originality as they craft a dark rock that comes to light through colourful choruses. The listener is plunged into a murky and cinematographic world, where one strolls along the Mersey River, flowing straight into the Irish Sea, paying homage to the home of the band’s Irish singer, Kevin Twomey.

Album : "Les Myosotis"