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Benjamin Schoos

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Benjamin Schoos -The Pop Ventriloquist Tour 
Benjamin Schoos, the unclassifiable Belgian artist who is also owner of the Freaksville label, thought we knew everything; his love of French Chanson dandies (Christophe, Sébastien Tellier), his numerous collaborations (with Lio, Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab, Damo Suzuki from CAN, Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders) but we had forgotten that as a master singer, he knew how to use his voice in different ways. Now ‘The Pop Ventriloquist Tour’ is a chance for him to vibrate his vocal cords all the way up and down. Because today this passionate ventriloquist - one wonders when he sleeps – has decided to embark on a 360 ° tour of his absurd and, in a word, Belgian madness. Halfway between concert and performance, between melancholy pop song and Scott Walker vocals, he will unveil to the public his new album of pop arrangements -  "Doubt in my Heart". It’s the opportunity to see who is the puppet and who pulls the strings, in this show unlike any other.